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Olive Frame, GG, GJ
 Frame Gemological Seminars
(For Trade  and General Public)
Toronto, ON
Tel. 416-485-7796
Highbury Jewellery
Design, Quality and Craftsmanship
Toronto, ON
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——————————————————————————————————————–Executive Members of the GIA Alumni Association Ontario Chapter

The Ontario GIA Alumni Executive

Glen R. Brown, DG, AJP

Vice President
Hemdeep Patel, GG

Isaac Mimar, DG

Joe Cassim

Lanis Mosher, AJP

Marielle de Spa, GG

Moira Verwijk

Shelley Bramston

Standard Membership Listings
(Standard Membership Listings are free to all GIA Alumni Ontario Chapter Members)

Alex Barcados

Afrodite Paraskevaidis, GJG


Alice Kao

Alireza Nasiri

Anita Simand,G.G

Anne Neumann

Ashley  Ke Yu

Ashley Rayner

Barbara Emami

Ben Bernstein

Benjamin Chu, GG

Betty Roubian

Brenda Jung

Brittany Parrott,GG

Christine Smith

Christopher Myslicki

Dave Conger

Debi Adamo

Derek Arsenault
Saint John

Eugenia Wong

Evelyn Stein, GG

Feddy F. Cheng

Giselle Saati

Glen Brown, DG, AJP

Greg Bannoff

Hemdeep Patel, GG

Ian Henderson. G.G
Windsor, ON

Ilija Tomich

Isaac Mimar, DG

Jacob Buckar

Jeffery Kerr

Jesuino Leduino Rosa

Joe Cassim

John Grieco

John Nash

John Palladino

Jon Phillips, GG

Julie Buckareff,

Julie Siriski

Lanis Mosher, AJP

Lena Rubenstein

Luigi Berdusco

Maria Caplan

Marie Betteley, G.G

Mayur Dave

Mehdi Vafaee

Michael Stern

Mitul Patel

Moira Verwijk

Naomi Howard

Neda Farazmand

Nicole Snitman

Olive Frame

Paul Ginocchi

Paul Knappett

Ravi Poddar

Ray Tai, G.G.

Richard B. Drucker, GG

Sharon Spahr

Shawn Kates

Shelley Bramston

Sonja Sanders, GG

Sue Aleksa

Susan Barcados

Taron Petevotyan

Tiffany Thrush

Tyler Grey

Ue Ling Wong

Veena Agrawal

William Thompson

William Ho, G.G

Wing Lee

22 thoughts on “Members List

  1. Hello, I am currently enrolled in the Colored Stones course at GIA. I have succesfully completed Diamond Essentials and Colored Stones Essentials. My goal is to be a Graduate Gemologist and work in the industry. I would like to become a member. Thank you.

    • HI Derek,
      Membership to the alumni is free and you already added to the members list.
      Please also visit and “Like” our Facebook page.

  2. I am a GIA Diamonds Graduate (Year 2006, New York Campus) and would like to become a member of the Ontario Chapter. Please have my name added to the members list. Thank you.

    • Hi Benjamin, You are already added to the members list.
      It is free to you, please visit and “like” our Facebook page to know more about GIA event.

  3. Hello there, I am a GIA Diamonds Graduate, currently living in Canada, I would be delighted to become a member and receive all the news!


    • Hi Howard,
      Membership to the alumni is free and you will be added to the members list.
      Please see our event details on Facebook page. and, don’t forget to “like” our page.

    • Membership to the alumni is free and you already added to the members list.
      Please see our event details on Facebook page to attend our next Pub night event. Don`t forget to “Like” our Facebook page too.

  4. Hi, I am currently a member of the San Francisco Alumni group and I would also like to join the Toronto group since I visit there every year. I will be there in May/June and would like to participate in any events. I have my AJP, Diamonds and Coloured Stones and am working on my GG. Thanks in advance for adding me to the membership.

    • HI Nina,
      Welcome to our page, We will added you in the mailing list
      You also can found all the information on our Facebook page. Please don’t forget to “like” our page.

      If you visit Toronto, please join our regular pub night event. The Date will be last Tuesday for every month.
      hopefully, we will see you on May/June

  5. Hi. I am a GIA Ontario Alumni Member and would like to be added to this list. I am an AJP, Diamonds Graduate and Pearls Graduate from Toronto. Please email me if you have any questions. Thank You.

  6. Hello,

    My email address is, not as listed on your members’ list. I would like to become more involved but live in St. Catharines so would not always participate. Do you have other events than pub nights, such as a speaker series? Thanks for letting me know.


    • Hi Marie,

      Thanks for your comment,
      your name already in the member and email list.
      Recently we don’t have speaker series. We will send you email once we will have one

    • Hi Marie,
      Sorry the email address.
      already updated. please take a look

      I will Email you if we have any speaker serier.
      have a great day

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